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Fort Street Cycle

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Fort Street Cycle
Song - owner
1025 Fort St
Victoria, British Columbia V8V 3K5

250-384-6665 | phone
250-384-2898 | fax

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The year was 1990. Denise and Doug Grams and their young daughter were on the road, taking a well earned year of travelling to celebrate Doug’s exit from 20 successful years in the Vancouver lumber industry and to consider their next move. They knew they wanted to relocate to a smaller community where they could use their business skills to supply a product that would promote a healthy lifestyle. A three month cycling expedition in Australia provided part of the answer (homicidal Aussie drivers, road littered with dead poisonous snakes, challenging hills and the youngest member of the entourage’s hissie fits notwithstanding) and Victoria seemed like the ideal location to make it happen.

Fort Street Cycle, established in 1992 was the realization of that dream. The early years were spent assessing the needs of Victoria’s cycling community and finding a niche by responding to those needs. Outstanding customer service continues to be the guiding principle that has seen the business through a host of cycling trends from the 90’s into the 21st century. Long time staff, much appreciated for their hard work, knowledge and dependability, has been invaluable to the success of the store. From head mechanic Gabor Herner all the staff are avid and dedicated cyclists. Commuting to work by bike and participating in cycling events and competitions are shared commitments and passions.

Sponsorship of local cyclists and involvement in local races has been important to Fort Street Cycle since its inception. Initial community involvement in the early 90’s was in the mountain bike sector, sponsoring events such as the Burnt Bridge Classic. Triathlon came on strong in the mid 90’s and Fort Street Cycle continues to support events up to the present as sponsors of the In-House Y Triathlon, the Sooke Spring Triathlon and the Triathlon for Healing, (now known as the Triathlon for Compassion). The store also donates time, prizes and funding to road racing and supports the Royal Victoria Marathon. This connection to community events and the benefits that flow from them to the larger society has proven to be one of the most satisfying aspects of Fort Street Cycle’s operations.

Fort Street Cycle looks forward to a long and bright future serving its wonderful customers and being a part of the cycling capital of Canada.

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