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Barnes & Co. Home Inspection Services

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Barnes & Co. Home Inspection Services
Judith Barnes
Box 30149, RPO Reynolds
Victoria, British Columbia V8X 5E1

250-881-1086 | phone

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Open 24 hours 7 days a week!
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Barnes & Co. Home Inspection Services

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1 year ago
Linda Tesser , a member from Victoria, BC,  wrote:
This is by far the most extensive inspection that I have ever seen. I was impressed by how thoroughly the inspector went over everything with me in person, but was even more impressed by the 41 page report which was provided to me!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Barnes to anyone needing a home inspection.

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5 years ago
Matt P , a member from Victoria, BC,  wrote:
Russ was great -- I definitely recommend Barnes & Co. His inspection was incredibly thorough and he spent lots of time going over all of his findings with us. I really appreciated the photo documentation as well. Judith in the office was a big help too!

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5 years ago
A Local , the Business Owner,  wrote:
Thanks Matt. It was good working with you. We appreciate the great feedback. All the best in your new home!

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